Smart & Simple Ways to Organize Your Garage Space

If your garage has become a dumping ground after years of piling up stuff, it’s time for you to turn over a new leaf and maximize the potential of your indoor garage space. A messy garage may be a nightmare to tackle, but you’ll thank yourself for doing it once you have everything decluttered and sorted out. 

How long will it take? It may take a day or even a whole weekend. It depends on the size of your garage, how much stuff you have in there and whether or not you have sufficient storage space for the items you intend to keep. It’s important that you don’t give up midway through the project. 

Once you’re finished with your garage makeover project, you’ll be motivated to keep it clean and tidy.

Declutter and clean the space

Decluttering your garage can be overwhelming. This initial stage of the project can turn into a painstaking, time-consuming ordeal if you let it. Set time aside to declutter the garage and decide what goes in the trash, what can be recycled, what you can donate and what you intend to keep. Once you declutter, clean the garage and hose down the floor to remove any dust, dirt or debris.

Categorize your garage inventory

Start small and sort out all the items you decide to keep into categories. Grouping similar items together makes it easier to get everything organized, one category at a time. Putting effort into a detailed organization of your garage inventory is a wise investment of your time and energy going forward.

Stock up on plastic storage containers

Plastic storage containers are inexpensive and available in various sizes. They are the perfect solution for storing items. Put the larger ones on the floor and the smaller ones on the shelves.

Hang a pegboard

A pegboard is an ingenious way to organize your gardening tools or lawn-mowing equipment as you can hang and access them easily while leaving the floor area clear.

Mount open shelving on the walls

Think vertically and install open shelves on the walls. Open shelving beats closed cabinets as it gives you quick, easy and direct access to any items you have stored, takes up less space and minimizes risk of clutter. If you opt for floor-to-ceiling shelves, store the items you use the least on bottom and top shelves.

Install corner shelves

Corner shelves are a convenient and practical way to use up all the available space and further optimize your garage storage.

Make use of the overhead space

Ceiling-mounted storage units are a handy addition which enables you to maximize the space that would otherwise go unused. As an added perk, it allows you to keep any items and tools off the ground and prevent unnecessary clutter.

Apply epoxy coating on the floor

Robust and durable, epoxy coating is a smooth, long-lasting finish for the concrete floor in your garage. It offers protection from damage caused by stains, chemicals, cracks and surface abrasions and resistance to heavy foot traffic, equipment, machinery and vehicles.

Repair and upgrade the lighting and electrical system

Your garage can be full of health and safety hazards, especially if you have malfunctioning, insufficient or ineffective lighting, faulty lighting fixtures and wiring or damaged power cords. Make sure to repair or upgrade the lighting and electrical system as part of your garage makeover project.

Seal the garage threshold

Dirt, leaves and debris can get inside your garage if you leave the threshold unsealed.

Don’t forget to fix what’s broken

Faulty lighting fixtures and broken garage doors that cannot open and close properly do not belong in your newly renovated garage. Another reason to install a new garage opener is to take advantage of the newest safety features. To get professional tips on garage door repair and accessories, click here.